How To Send High Quality Long Videos on WhatsApp?

If you love to share your photos and videos to your friends, then you don’t need to worry while sharing the larger video size on WhatsApp. But, it can be a trouble sometimes to Send High Quality Long Videos on WhatsApp. Here in this article, we are going to share some best ways and methods to send large files over WhatsApp messenger.

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WhatsApp allows you to send long-length videos too. But some people don’t know how to Send High Quality Long Videos on WhatsApp. In this article we are going to tell you how to send High Quality long videos on WhatsApp messenger without any problem at all. If you are a WhatsApp user, then you can send a high quality video that is too long and photos on your WhatsApp account. Nowadays, we are seeing that our friends are sending or shared their contacts, photos along with high-quality videos on WhatsApp, but how to send long duration videos on WhatsApp? If you have any doubt about how to send large video files on WhatsApp messanger in android question then we will clear it here.

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WhatsApp application has an inbuilt feature to send media files such as images, Quality Videos, audio files etc. But how can I send a video that is too long? For instance, if you want to send 4k High Quality videos on WhatsApp without losing quality? with someone who is not on iOS or Android platform then WhatsApp will not be able to send it because of its size limit. But there is an app called Files App which will send high quality videos on WhatsApp help you to overcome and also Share High-Quality Media On WhatsApp. So, you can send HD video without losing quality with your friends and family members and send large files on WhatsApp without losing quality on WhatsApp messenger. You can download FM WhatsApp app for sending high quality videos to your friends and family members.

How to send long length videos on WhatsApp?

  • First of all, download FM Whatsapp on your android device.
  • Then click on to Universal features tab.
  • In Universal feature click on Settings option.
  • In Settings we can see option tab and click on image/ videos option for sending high quality long videos in WhatsApp.

Simply use this Transfer large videos Mode in WhatsApp to send high quality videos as a Document , which will help you to convert any video into a document that can be shared via WhatsApp messenger without any hassle or error messages.

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