How To Read Deleted Messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp also allows you to delete messages so that they are no longer visible to anyone else. However, if you want to read how to see deleted messages in WhatsApp application, here’s how you can do it. One such thing is how to see Deleted Messages in WhatsApp. You see, when you delete a messages in WhatsApp account, it isn’t really deleted but only marked as seen or unseen by the other person’s phone. That means if you know how to see deleted message WhatsApp without any app, you can still check WhatsApp deleted messages online even if they’ve been deleted messages in WhatsApp on android / iPhone. You can find out privacy and security features of FM WhatsApp to read deleted messages.

There are several reasons why someone would want to view how to see old deleted-messages on WhatsApp Messenger. If a friend or family member has deleted important information from their chat list, then there’s no way to recover it unless they send it again. In this article we will show you how to see previous deleted messages in WhatsApp messenger. 

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However, if you want to see someone deleted messages in WhatsApp messenger, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used. You can see past deleted messages on WhatsApp messenger without using any third party applications with the help of “notification logs”. In this method you no need to install any apps for read deleted text messages from WhatsApp application.

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How To See Deleted Messages in WhatsApp

By default WhatsApp doesn’t allow you read deleted messages in WhatsApp, so you need to install a third party application, i.e FM WhatsApp.

  • Initially, Please download latest version of FM WhatsApp APK from here.
  • If you’re using android smartphone, please go to this download page
  • After completion of download and installation, please open the application.
  • Then Click on Privacy and security features tab.

  • In privacy and security tab enable anti delete messages option
Highlighted Ant-Delete Message option.
  • Then you can see already deleted messages on WhatsApp by sender.

If you are using this process, then there are chances that your contact might have deleted some important messages sent to you. In such cases, you can recover the deleted messages in WhatsApp. You can use FM WhatsApp latest version to always keep the features updated.

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