How To Logout Of WhatsApp Messenger On iPhone or Android?

How To Logout Of WhatsApp Messenger On iPhone or Android Device?

The most common problem that people face when using Whatsapp Messenger is not being able to logout. This is due to the fact that there is no official way to logout from the whatsApp messenger. There are two main reasons why you need to Log Out of WhatsApp messenger: When you want to use another account on your smartphone or tablet. When someone else might be using your phone or tablet and accessing your account without your permission.

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So now that we have understood why we need to learn how to Log out of WhatsApp Messenger, let’s get started! This article will let you know how to logout of WhatsApp Messenger on both iOS and Android devices as it is most frequently asked question.

How To Logout Of WhatsApp Messenger On iPhone?

There is no official way to logout from WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone devices but you can delete the app from your device. In this article we will discuss about how to delete WhatsApp Messenger account from iPhone devices.

  • Open iOS setting on your device

  • In the General Settings tab, explore the vast array of customization options available.
  • Navigate to the iPhone Storage button within the General Settings menu to manage your device’s storage usage efficiently.
  • Scroll down and select WhatsApp application
  • After select WhatsApp Messenger click on Delete App button
  • Now conform you to select delete app button and then delete your WhatsApp Communication app from your iOS device.

How To Logout Of WhatsApp Messenger On Android?

You do not need to delete the Android app from your device just like in WhatsApp Messaging app account delete in iOS. Instead, in order to log out of your account in WhatsApp-Messenger you will need to clear the app’s data from your Android device settings. Here we will discuss about the complete procedure given below.

  • Open “Settings” option on Android device.
  • Click on Apps button
  • In the Apps button scroll down and select “WhatsApp Messenger’ option
  • In WhatsAppMessenger option select storage tab
  • And then click on clear data button
  • Now conform to clear data tap on “OK ” button.
  • Now you can successfully logged out from WhatsApp Messenger account on your Android device.
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