How to Change Font Style & Size in WhatsApp Chat Window?

WhatsApp is used to communicate text by altering the Font Style & Font size in Whatsapp Chat Window to share it with friends, family, and coworkers. You can change WhatsApp Font style and Font size of the text in the Chat Window also change your WhatsApp text Font to bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

Here you can easily Change Font Style & Size in WhatsApp Chat Window? can be changed. This feature is useful if you have trouble reading small text, or if you want to make your messages easier for people to read when they’re using their phone’s zoom function. The Font Style & Size can be changed on a per-chat basis. The Font Style & Size will be used by all members of the chat when they reply to messages with in the WhatsApp Chat Window.

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The reason behind using FMWhatsapp is that you can Change the Font size in a WhatsApp chat window, that make it easy for users to communicate with each other. One of the most popular features on WhatsApp Chat Window feature have new, cool and stylish Fonts, which makes it easier for users to chat with each other on their smartphones or tablets. To get all these features, you need to download this FM WhatsApp APK on your android device. This app is available for android and iOS users.

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Steps to Change Font Style, Size in WhatsApp Chat Window:

  • First of all, download a FM WhatsApp APK from here.
  • Open FM WhatsApp APK on your android device and tap on the Privacy Settings 3 dots on your top right.
Change Font Style & Size 1
  • When it comes to navigating through the available choices, you’ll find that there are several options to explore. To make the necessary adjustments, direct your attention to the bottom of your screen and locate the ‘settings’ option
Change Font Style & Size 2
  • Tap on the conversation screen and open Bubble and ticks, now you can edit its settings for display purposes within your device’s screen Size (in this case we selected “Chats” from our friend list).
Change Font Style & Size 3
Change Font Style & Size 4
  • Now tap on three dots located at the top right corner in WhatsApp Chat Window to access its settings menu as follows:
  • To change Font Style, go to settings and tap on Universal>Styles(Look and Feel)>Font Style
Change Font Style & Size 5
Change Font Style & Size 6

Click on Font Style, it has variety of Font styles and Font sizes in WhatsApp Chat-Window . These are super easy WhatsApp Font codes for changing the Font-Style in WhatsApp Chat Window. You can then choose from different Font Styles and Font sizes. If you want to go back to normal settings, just tap on Default Style at the top of this menu.


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