How To Backup FM WhatsApp To Normal WhatsApp ?

There are several ways to Backup FM WhatsApp to normal WhatsApp.

The easiest way to Backup FM WhatsApp to Normal WhatsApp is by using the default backup option in your phone. Install the app on your phone, open it and select the chats from which you want to Back-up FM WhatsApp. After that, tap on “Backup” button to start the process of backing up all your chats. You will get a notification when the process gets completed, which will tell you where backup files have been stored on your phone.

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Backup FM WhatsApp To Normal WhatsApp ( A Clear and Concise Steps)

For those who want to Backup FM Whatsapp to Normal WhatsApp, download the FM WhatsApp APK on your Android device. If you want to share the information of your FM Whatsapp account with friends or family members then this is the best solution that you can use.

  • And Then open FM WhatsApp app and click on settings button.
  • Within the settings menu, you have the option to navigate to the chat section and subsequently choose the Backup button.
  • After completing the Backup process, go to the file manager, find ‘FM WhatsApp’ within the local files, and open the ‘Databases’ subfolder to access and manage important data files.File Manager>Local Files>FM Whatsapp>Data Bases
  • After Back up all the date you can now clear data on your “FM WhatsApp”.
  • Now, you have the option to choose and select all the FM-WhatsApp database files within your file manager, and Integrate them into WhatsApp.
  • You can now effectively clear all data from the WhatsApp application, subsequently restarting the app to initiate the backup process for FM WhatsApp data.
  • Now you can check your Backup FMWhatsApp data to Normal WhatsApp application.

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