FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android (Update 2023)

FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android (Update 2023) can be discussed here. FM WhatsApp APK is modified WhatsApp application developed by Foud Apps (developer of FoudMakkad) . The modified application allows you to unlock privacy features like freeze your last seen, Show blue ticks only after Reply, Security Lock Protection, Control Who can call you etc.

FM WhatsApp APK stands as a popular modified application to get more than 10 million download’s in over 180 countries. As FoudMakkad’s main motive is to give privacy features to android users through his Foud Apps. As developer always review the privacy features and update with new functionalities.

What Is FM WhatsApp APK ?

FM WhatsApp Apk is an modified application that allows users more control over the privacy features, customizations which is unavailable in WhatsApp application currently in 2023. FM Whatsapp APK has custom built privacy settings that can be seen in FM settings > Account > Privacy. By default, users has quick access to privacy features like freeze your last seen, Show blue ticks only after Reply, Security Lock Protection , Control Who can call you etc. The innovative privacy technologies and techniques has bought many privacy features to help protect user privacy.

This FM WhatsApp APK is not available on Google Play Store as FoudMakkad, a third-party developer has developed the APK file that violates the Official WhatsApp policies. FoudMakkad has real intention to develop the Apk file and available for download from the official website. As Google Play now has come up advanced privacy protection, it doesn’t accept modified WhatsApp applications.

However, .APK files of FM WhatsApp installed outside the Google Play Store on Android devices might not install right away because of a unknown apps protection. To Skip this download restriction and install FM WhatsApp APK from unknown sources, navigate to security settings depending on your Android version:

Download the latest version of FM WhatsApp’s APK from here and enjoy the all unlocked privacy features for free without spending your real money on it.

How To download FM WhatsApp APK on your Android device

If you want to use fm whatsapp apk with some extra features, then fm whatsapp apk is available to download and install on your device. Downloading the FM WHATSAPP APK is simple, as multiple download servers provided on our website. If the FM Whatsapp app doesn’t gets download directly on your Android device. We always give you the download link of FM Whatsapp APK ie., latest version. As the Apk file has been scanned and tested with Anti-Virus Software to protect your android devices.

NameFm Whatsapp Apk
Latest versionv9.65
Supported OSAndroid 4.0.6+
UpdatedJune 2023

If FMWhatsapp APK doesn’t download properly, please click on alternative download link . If you click on the download link, automatically process starts. We suggest you to download this FMWhatsApp APK either on your mobile or in your Windows Computer to easily Install on your device based on operating system. As group of developers from Foud apps has developed this FM WhatsApp APK for android users can be downloaded in various countries which allows you to unleash all the exciting privacy features.

How To Install the FM WhatsApp APK In Your Android Device

Before you download a FM WhatsApp v9.65 APK, Please enable unknown sources which define places outside the Google Play Store to your download’s folder. A comprehensive guide to Easy-to-Follow Steps for Installing an Fm Whatsapp Apk on your device”

  • First of all, you need to Download the FM WhatsApp.APK .
  • Then Click on .APK.
  • Then it will asks you to install or cancel.
  • Click on “Install APK“.
  • Installing process takes few seconds.
  • Now Open the APK file as soon as it completes.

Installation Blocked ?

FMWhatsApp Apk – What’s new version APK’s Features

Freeze Last Seen

Freezing your “Last Seen” option will prevent your contacts from knowing when you were online or last seen activity .

Freezing your “Last Seen” option will prevent your contacts from knowing when you were online or last seen activity.

Anti-View Once

You need to have the Anti-View Once feature, when your contact send View Once pictures and videos, you can still view pictures and videos once this privacy features is enabled.

FMWhatsApp 2

Disable Forwarded

Removing the forwarded label is possible you forward the text messages to your contact or group, forward label disappears on messages when you enable “Disable Forwarded” option in FM settings

Using FMWhatsApp 2, Toggle Disable forwarded option to completely remove forwarded label when you forward message to your contacts and groups.

Who Can Call Me

Concerning your privacy, Control who can call you ., Everyone, My Contacts or No one. Trigger Who can call me option to protect from unknown people.

Enabling who can call you on FMWhatsApp 2 can help to block incoming calls from Everyone. Set the option to Everyone/My Contacts/No one. Trigger the Who can call me option to stop receiving unknown calls from people.

Hide View Status

People cannot see that you have viewed their status update even they try to watch who viewed their status online.

Switch on Hide View Status feature of FMWhatsApp 2 to stop letting people know that you have viewed their status online.

Anti-Delete Status

Even your contacts has deleted their status , anti-delete status option allows you to view their status even after status is deleted by your contact.

Click on the anti-delete option via FMWhatsapp 2, you can read the deleted statuses soon after their status is deleted

Anti-Delete Messages

FMWA facilitates anti-delete messages feature to read deleted text messages . Soon after your contact deletes their text message after sending it to you or in group chats. Still you’ll be able to see deleted message.

FMWHATSAPP 2 latest facilitates anti-delete messages feature to read deleted messages. Soon after contact deletes text message after sending it to you personally or into group.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Even after seeing the message, Using Show Blue Ticks only after replying gives you much more peace of mind, so that you can reply to the message whenever you want to reply them.

With FMWhatsApp 2, This option enables you to show blue ticks only if you reply, if not it doesn't show blue ticks to all of your contacts


Does FM WhatsApp APK available in iOS ?

No, Currently iOS & iPhones are not supported.

Is FM WhatsApp app safe to download on my device ?

Yes..!! We have scanned the APK file with Anti-Virus, So FMWhatsapp app is safe to download in any Android phone.

Why FM WhatsApp APK app has banned ?

Anti-Ban Version has been released after the WhatsApp has banned Mod Apps.

Can’t find a backup in ‘/sdcard/fmwhatsapp’ ?

We suggest you to Move your backup files to Android/media/com.fmwhatsapp.

Can I download older version of Fm Whatsapp Apk ?

We no longer support Fm Whatsapp Apk outdated versions. We encourage you to always update FM Whatsapp APK.

How To update to FM WhatsApp APK latest version ?

Bookmark our website to get updated with FM WhatsApp latest version only for your Android devices.

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